How to make money online using Canva? (4 Best Ways)

How to make money online with Canva tool

Unlike other tools, it’s extremely feasible to make money online using Canva due to its flexibility. Ever thought of getting a tool that could not only help you make money online but also push through your marketing campaigns. Well, Canva is the tool you were looking for. This article will now run you through some of the proven ways to make money online using canva.

Canva is probably one of the easiest graphics tools available online to create fantastic graphic designs, presentations, thumbnails, book covers, t-shirt designs, logo designs, and more. If you are someone who has little or no experience with graphic designs, photoshop, or other similar tools, Canva is the absolute go-to! Even if you have experience with some of the more advanced tools like photoshop, illustrator, it is more effective and productive to make use of canva depending on the kind of task you are doing,

There’s almost nothing that cannot be done with canva with a little bit of skill and it is super easy to start with. With this information being said, let’s move into how exactly we can make money using Canva.

  1. Designing logos on freelancing sites:

You can either build your gig on a website like Fiverr or bid on projects on a website like freelancer to create logos for individuals or companies and get the logo done from Canva. It is super easy to create your own logos from Canva. You can then start selling those logos for any price between 5$ to 20$. It is a good side hustle to start if you are new to online business and making money online.

  1. Designing infographics and Powerpoint Slides.

You can design infographics and beautiful PowerPoint slides for your clients using Canva. There’s a lot of demand for infographics, graphics, and PowerPoint slides in the freelancing industry because most of the clients are some kind of business owners. If they are someone who holds an online business they need infographics, graphics for marketing their services/products.

If they are someone who holds an offline business or someone who is in a corporate job, they need a lot of infographics and PowerPoint slides to present and pitch their ideas. Here’s where you come in to make their life easier.  You will exploit the features given to you by canva to make their life easier while also stacking in some extra cash from your side hustles. This will makefit for the purpose to make money online using canva.

  1. Selling T-shirts on Print On Demand sites
Make money Online using canva with print on demand and t-shirts
This design was made using Canva for t-shirts and has made about 150$ worth of sales. It took exactly 3 minutes to design this on canva.

This is one of the best ways of making money online using canva. Designing t-shirts in Canva is just a piece of cake after you have gathered some bits of skills which can be learnt in around 20-30 minutes videos from youtube. You will then upload the designs on website like TeePublic where they will print your designs on tshirts, sticker, apparels and more, then with organic traffic, whenever someone buys a tshirt with your design on it, you will get a commission. People make anywhere between 50$/month to 15k$/month based on the number of designs and the kind of trend they pick in.

  1. For Social Media Marketing

Online marketers heavily use Canva to make make money online with social media marketing. With the pandemic Surging in these recent days , almost every other businesses are moving online, so there’s an absolutely huge demand of Social Media Managers. With Canva, you can create each and every asset that you will ever need to run your social media and digital marketing campaigns. Social Media marketers are apid anywhere between 300$/month to 30k$/month depending on the  kind of brand you are working with.

So, How to start? Well, you can start with first creating a Canva Account. You can always start with th free version and still get most of the works done. But if you are being really serious about freelancing and getting a solid income from print on demand websites, we highly recommend you get the Canva Pro account which you can get at 25% off due to our exclusive partnership with Canva on this article.

Why get a Canva pro membership?

  1. You get a commercial liscense to use any of the d designs illustration, templates and photos.
  2. You can effectively remove any backgrounds of images without any hassle, just by a click of button. This feature is super useful in projects related to graphics, and while creating print on demand designs.
  3. You can create  custom size designs, and get access to premium stock photos and premium illustration without paying any extra $.
  4. There are a ton of other features that makes Canva Pro a no-brainer because the revenue you generate from its subscription is much higher than you actually pay for it.

So, You can signup for a free account or get access to almost every feature necessary to kickstart making money online with the Canva Pro Account and get going in no time.

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