How to Make Money Online with Vidnami using Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online with Vidnami Using Affiliate Marketing

So, How do we make money online with Vidnami using Affiliate Marketing?

Vidnami formerly also known as content Samurai is one of the must-have tools for all video marketers today. Due to its flexible video production ability and the ease of making video by just writing the script for the video, it’s almost a no-brainer tool for affiliate marketing and a lot of creators are making 100’s if not 1000s of $ week in week out with the help of this tool.

Now, let’s first understand what is to be done in affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, we decide or choose a product that we want to promote from Clickbank, jvzoo or any other site and then we take the promo contents (scripts and images, videos) given to us by them and then use these contents and information to create videos using vidnami which can be made in less than 15 minutes, and then upload these videos on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. Whenever someone watches your videos and goes through the affiliate link on your channel to purchase or even sign up to anything, You get some commission. The commissions vary anywhere from 25$ to 300$ depending upon the kind of product you are selecting from Clickbank and other affiliate marketing sites.

To make the steps easier for you, Let me break down the steps involved in how to make money online with vidnami using affiliate marketing:

  1. Sign Up for Vidnami today

This should be your first definite action to make money online with Vidnami. If you are not so sure about purchasing or the credibility of this app, its absolutely fine, you can redeem your free trial here. Hang around till you get a hold of it, and i’m 100% certain that you will absolutely love this web app.

  1. Visit Clickbank and select one amongst the many products there.
Make money online with Vidnamu using Clickbank Affiliate Marketing.

Go to, it is one of the best sites to get started with affiliate marketing, there are a lot of high quality products with very strong commission rates. Once you have decided on which product you will be promoting. Check if they have certain resources already so that you can use them to promote their product. This can include promotional emails, banners, or some short videos. Make sure that you have downloaded them all and move on to the next step.

  1. Goto Vidnami to create your first Video

After you have all the resources set, you have to finally write a script to promote the video. From what you perceived about the  product from the resources of product promotion given to you on clickbank. Form a script, you can also use the email template scripts and the product description written on the clickbank website to write down your script. Once you have written your script. You will select generate video, select a voice over style. I recommend “Harry” if you are using the auto voice over generator. Select a soothing background music, and now you are ready to generate your first ever Vidnami video. 

If you can, its recommended that you use your own voice over for that video script. But, if you find tis step hard, you can also get going with the auto generated voice over. I must tell you that the voice overs generated by Vudnami are absolutely surreal and more realistic than any other voice over generator around..

  1. It’s Time to post your content.

Yayy, you are done with the video productions and promotion materials and you are on your way to make money online with vidnami. Now, it’s time to post your content online. We recommend that you start by first opening your youtube channel on a specific niche, let’s say “health” where you will promote products related to health or something similar. Now, all you have to do is go ahead and post the video with a good title, description, and tags. Vidiq can help you get organic traffic and optimize your video for Search Engine so that your video ranks higher and gets more views. (You can read this article about ranking Youtube Videos).

The Next platform that we absolutely recommend you to post your promotional videos on is TikTok. TikTok has the massive potential of viral growth and you should not neglect its potential to bring you a lot of organic traffic and commission. Vidnami has recently released a new video format for exporting videos in TikTok. So, it’s a no-brainer that you should also try this format to get more views and impressions on your promotional materials. Make sure that you put your affiliate link in the description of your tiktok profile in case of TikTok and in your video description in case of youtube.

Besides these two, you can also promote your content on other platforms like Instagram, quora, Pinterest to get more impressions. Marketing and promotion plays a vital role to make money online with vidnami using affiliate marketing.

If you find it hard to do all these tasks by yourself you can find cheap virtual assistants who will do it all for you on Fiverr. You can go and check them out here.

After you have posted your first video, its now time for you to make follow up videos on the same product or a different product from Cliclkbank, jvzoo or similar platforms. As the number of videos you make and posts increases, the higher is the chance of you getting sales week in week out. It takes approximately 25 videos to start seeing sales on your clickbank or jvzoo affiliate accounts so dont loose your hope. This is an absolutely working method and there are a lot of people who implement this method to generate solid income online.

And Do you know whats the best thing about this method of generating revenue from affiliate marketing? It’s absolutely passive, as you keep creating videos, you will not only get sales from the recent contents that you have posted but also from the contents and videos that you did in the past. So, you are buying yourself more time and money by using this method of affiliate marketing to make money online with Vidnami. 

The best time to start affiliate marketing with Vidnami was around 2 years ago, the second best time is Now. So, bookmark this article and let’s get started with the steps I have mentioned in this article. You can do this!

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